Thursday, June 18, 2015

In The Beginning

This is how it all began.  A simple email from Linda.  And I quote:

"I've included you in this email because (a) you feigned interest in beginning a book club, or (b) I thought you would like to join in. As the twins are applying for University (I swear I just took them to JK yesterday), I don't want to be at home pining for them, but will hopefully have so many social engagements I won't feel so sad. Also, my purpose of starting a book club is that I'd like to read books and then discuss them. Yes, I know you may think this is obvious, but I have been in and heard of many book clubs where people don't get to discussing the book because they just chatted... not what I had in mind! Now don't get me wrong, I do love to chat, but if you want in this group can we lay down the ground rule that chatting comes after we discuss the book? So, now that you know I have standards (ha), do you still want in?"

Linda, a wonderful friend who is generous and witty and a great person to be around, is the reason we are all together. That was over 4 years ago and we are still going strong!  We have basically the same group of ladies we started with, plus Tony, Linda's husband.  Dear, dear Tony... our one male member who tries to keep us grounded and focused and who offers a male's point of view.  Such a brave soul!

In addition to Linda and Tony, we have Beatrice, Heather, Joanne, two Judys, a second Linda, Renee, Val and Vesna. It is a great mix.  We decided early on that we were not limited to particular genres, but that Science Fiction was definitely not a favorite.  We seem to enjoy Historical Fiction, Popular Titles, Mysteries and the occasional Biography. 

This blog is just a way that we can share our Book Club adventures:  what we are reading, our reviews, our favourite book club recipes, etc.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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  1. Thanks Joanne, a lovely start to our blog. I am amazed you found the original email, you do sure know how to tell a tale. Perhaps you should write a book and we will read it for book club.

    So how do we post our list of books on the site? I don't recognize some of the titles on the list.

    Okay book club members time to sign up...